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Frequently Asked Questions



Q - I go to a full time Vocational Dance School can I still enter AED?

A - Yes, but you would need permission from your vocational school to represent your old Dance School who has AED member teachers.


Q - I have appeared in Matilda in the West End. Can I still enter AED?

A - Yes as long as your teachers are members of AED


Q - Most of my school has qualified to a different regional final, am I able to swap Regional finals?

A - Yes you can. Get your teacher to liaise with the Regional Director


Q - Do I need to come to the line-up for adjudication in my original costume at Regional finals?

A - The dancers-line up in the costume immediately after the section and then that section is marked so it is acceptable to change costume and hair if you are needed in the next section.


Q - How long after the closing date for Regional Finals will the timetable be published?

A - Usually, about a month later. It is a very complex process and we need to go through a rigorous checking process.


Q - If a dance qualifies in a particular costume which no longer fits am I able to change it for Regional/National Finals?

A - Yes but it must be a like-for-like costume


Q - Can I put in requests of non-availability for Regional and National Finals?

A - No this not possible.


Q - Are session charges going to be raised in 2019?

A - No we are happy to keep these at the 2017 levels.


Q - My senior group includes a junior dancer.  Is this allowed?

A - Yes this is perfectly acceptable, if it is the dance that has qualified in a local qualifying festival.


Q - When our new group qualified, the dancers were wearing a scratch costume. Can we substitute a new costume for the Regional finals?

A - Yes, but it cannot be a complete re-design.


Q - A dancer qualified in B but will dance in C at Regional Finals. Can I lengthen the dance to 2 minutes.?

A - This must stay exactly the same as the dance that qualified – therefore it can’t be lengthened. If you move up to ‘C’ section with a 2-minute dance, you will need to re qualify your new dance.


Q - A dancer can’t make the official time and day for their class at Regional Finals. Can they dance for just a mark on another day?

A - No dancer can dance out of section – even for a mark at Regional or National Finals


Q - Can I change a trio into a duet if one of the dancers is unable to take part in Regional Finals?

A - No please see rule 12 in our syllabus


Q - If going away, can I put in a request for my dancer’s section to be performed on certain days?

A - Scheduling for Regional and National Finals is vastly complex, therefore we are unable to accept non-availability requests.


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