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2022 Competition - How to Enter


Before you can enter a Regional Final you are required to qualify at a Nominated Festival associated with that final.  You may qualify by entering the ordinary classes offered at a Nominated Festival and attaining the relevant qualifying mark (or the equivalent category) in the dances you wish to enter.  Entries arising from novice, county, open or other championship classes are not eligible.  Take care to enter the dance into the correct class discipline. 


STEP 1Choosing a final


The finals are split into regions for your convenience and are all to be treated as part of the same event.  Each Nominated Festival is associated with a Regional Final – see over.


STEP 2Entering the competition


All entries are made online via our website  Our online entry system requires your teacher’s All England Dance membership number.  Please ensure you have this number available from the school/teacher concerned when making your entries.


Entries in a Duet, Trio/Quartet or Group must be made as a single online transaction.  Timetables and other essential information will be published on our website and facebook page.   


It is not permitted to enter the same dance class in more than one Regional Final, even if different dances in that technique have been qualified (see Rule 11).  All entries with the relevant qualifying marks will be accepted, so there is no need to wait for later results at another Festival to better that mark before making your entry.


Closing date: 31 March, 2022, at midnight


If your qualifying Festival has adopted a category marking system, announcements will be made in the syllabus of that Festival to confirm the qualification category for the Finals.


Special Note: only dancers qualifying at a Festival nominated within the region may be entered in that region.  Only in very exceptional circumstances will written requests to change region be accepted (include SAE for a reply if you communicate other than by email), and these must be received by the closing date.  Injury, illness, examinations and holidays are not exceptional reasons.  All England Dance reserves the right to move entries to another regional final where operational reasons make this necessary.


STEP 3 - Regional final Timetables


The timetable giving details of when you will be required to dance at the Regional Finals will be published on our website and a paper copy will be sent only if a reply paid envelope has been supplied.  Establish the dates and times of your classes and arrive at least one hour before the section is due to commence.


STEP 4At the Regional Final


Entry to the National Finals will be restricted to the first, second and third placed dancers only and only where an Honours mark has been awarded to those three places.  An Honours mark alone will not guarantee a place at the National Finals, although a medal will be given. 


The following exceptions will apply:

  • In Baby classes all first placed dancers will qualify for the National Finals, whatever award is achieved.
  • In Group sections all Honours awards will qualify for the National Finals.


All qualifying finalists must make their entry to the National Final by midnight of the Wednesday immediately following the last day of the Regional Final. 


No late entries will be accepted.


STEP 5The National Finals                             


Wycombe Swan,

St Mary St,

High Wycombe

HP11 2XE


Wycombe Swan Map Location



Enquiries in writing to:


All England Dance

Beckbury Hall


TF11 9DJ






Numbers for inclusion in the Gala programme will be chosen during Finals week. Not all of these will be first-placed performances, as some will be at the Artistic Director’s discretion in order to achieve a well-balanced show. Those chosen to perform will be required to attend the theatre for a technical rehearsal on the morning of the Gala. These dances must be the same in every respect as the items performed during the Finals.


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